Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Scratch Your Itches... And Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays 2010!

OK, some years I sit down to write this and think, well, nothing has really changed too much-- we’re just older.

This is not one of those years.

My husband and I scratched an itch. Listened to that inner voice. Took a leap of faith. Did something wild and crazy and totally surprising to...well...just about everyone who knows us.

We sold our traditional, suburban home in California and bought a modern, artsy nest in the mountains of Central Oregon.

We are in love….with mountains and rivers…nature saluting us every day with its nourishing presence…small town, slow pace….overtly friendly people (we think there is Prozac in the water supply)…fewer choices, more intent…

This place is magical. Really. For us. And our neighbors who use the same words, describing a sense of "calling" to be here. It’s like joining a cult. A good one.

We have deer looking in our windows, bunnies sleeping on the doorstep, rivers bubbling past with their calming song…snow muffling the edges of “real life” with its cotton-white veil of whispers.

We moved my 88-yr-old mother as well. We call her “The Cougar” because her new boyfriend at the retirement home is only 85. (Lesson learned: we are NEVER too old to feel love, to need love, for love to be a possibility!)She tells us that no matter what we decide, she’s not moving. Ever.

Complaints? Well, I can’t talk Jim into getting a puppy. I’m too old to have more children. The unemployment rate is way too high (and I couldn’t even score an interview for a P/T position at the library.) We’re getting serious wrinkles. My memory stinks. Jim’s hearing is questionable (don’t tell him I said that.)For some reason we’re no longer thin.

That’s about it.

We are so very grateful---for each other, our family (biological and chosen), our health, new adventures and old roots, new opportunities and past memories.

The best thing we’ve learned this year is to scratch your itches. They are telling you something. They are leading you to where you need to be, to experiences you need to have.

May 2011 make you itch and scratch (bet no one has ever said THAT to you before) and lead you to new adventures, new understandings, new joys.

Here's to a new year of possiblities, of soul-etching experiences that will leave you thinking--next year this time--how blessed you are to have had another year of precious life, another year of adventures that help define your unique purpose here.