Friday, September 17, 2010

Hello Again...and Welcome to Fall

Whoa. There's that time warp again. One day it's the beginning of Summer, and the next you're thinking about the menu for Christmas. Well, that's what I do in September. It's right around the corner, you know.

But before then, all kinds of good stuff: fires in the fireplace, finding my socks, finding my sweaters, finding my scarves, cleaning the house so I can find my things. You know. I'm sure you do it, too. Spring cleaning is just for fun. Fall cleaning is so you can find the things you need to live through Winter. 

I didn't write all summer, but I did learn a few things living in we-get-snow-in-the-Winter country:

1. Nothing beats sitting in the back yard with people you love, drinking your favorite festive beverage and eating cheese and crackers for dinner because the preparation doesn't interrupt the flow of good conversation.

2. Hikes anywhere beautiful, with anyone you care about, make memories you'll hold in your heart forever.

3. People who visit you after you have moved to the Middle Of Nowhere (that's what a utility company called it when I tried to arrange timely service) are people who are going to be there for you no matter what. And will probably drink all of your wine collection before they leave. (hehe. JK. You know who you are. You know we love you. And that we have more wine.)

4. If you are inclined to go to a reunion, but you haven't seen those folks since you were an adolescent, GO. You just might find some of the family you've been missing since then. It's a gift.

5. Go rafting the very first weekend the weather allows. Because if you wait until the last weekend of Summer, you're gonna kick yourself until next Summer.

6. Rodeos are a blast! But it's a good idea to wear a hat or sunscreen. For some reason rodeo sun is the bulls....and the cowboys.

7. If you live in a place where there are only two seasons---"Winter" and "Houseguests"---it's a good idea to make sure you have a septic pump that is in good condition come June.

8. If you have recently "downsized" it's a good idea to store about 2 dozen aerobeds in the closet. Just sayin'.

9. If you thought buying a "new" house would spare you the frustration and expense of an old house "money pit"....HAHAHA the laugh's on you.

10. If you thought you'd be lonely your first Summer away from the state you spent your first 54 years of life'd be wrong. Because there are wonderful friends just waiting to begin your journey with you. And your old friends are going to visit, too, just to make sure you know that loneliness is NOT an option at 54. Thank God.

11. If you thought your elderly mother was going to need a lot of help adjusting to a huge relocation, you would be underestimating the power of serendipity...and love at any age....

12. If you thought an empty nest meant the kids would be too busy with their own lives to want to come hang out with you, well you would have been underestimating the bond with them...and their friends. Let's hear it for mango mojitos (David, you are the master)...ridiculously risky fireworks displays ("hey--here's one that didn't work!")...interrogations by the local police as to what is in that water bottle ("Water!" "Good! Be careful out there!")...mosquito swarms (oops! Didn't know about bug season.)...and many more...(Come back please :-)

13. You are not supposed to befriend the coyote that breaks from the pack to act like your pet. Apparently the rest of the pack is surrounding you while you are distracted and preparing to make you their dinner.

14. When your huckleberry bushes peak, deer will actually come to your back door and act like they do it all the time and would like to come in for coffee. While your husband is in another state getting ready to go hunting THERE. So funny.

15. When evening comes there will be electrical storms that make you wonder if having a metal roof is a good idea. But they will be so awe-inspiring that you think ah what the heck, what are the chances...and then the lights go out and you start to pray. Which is a good thing, really.

16. If you have an appt. with---well, anyone---and it's a really good day for fishing...well, you'll probably get a call that they need to re-schedule. And it's okay with you because...well, it's a really good day to go fishing.

17. You fill yourself up with Summer until you are so full that you just need to sit and digest...and relax...and think...about, well...apples in the Fall! Leaves falling. Homemade soup. Going to bed early because it's been dark for hours. Fires in the fireplace. Planning the menu for Christmas dinner.

Hmmm. Didn't I start here?

More later. Wishing you perspectives...whether your nest is full or empty.(And, the truth's never empty. It's just resting between occupants. Thank God. Again.)

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