Friday, August 7, 2009

It's Official...

White Stork in Nest

...The kids grew up and appear to have moved out.

My husband and I look at each other and say, "How did that happen so fast? We weren't done!"
But apparently they were-- college diplomas in hand, dreams in their heads, hope in their hearts. Oh, they'll be visit. A lot.

Our daughter casually comments that it's okay if we want to turn her room into "something else." Like what? Something other than the shrine to her childhood that we have lovingly maintained?! I guess when she left for college on the east coast 7 years ago and then stayed after graduation for work---and now graduate school--- well, I guess we should have caught on that things had changed. We are very good at denial.

But now the younger one, the baby, for heaven's sake, has graduated from college as well and has stayed there, in another state. Actually, he did come home for a pack up the car with his living essentials (you know- the computers, RockBand, an aquarium, and many household accessories and appliances that I cannot at this point in time identify, but I'm sure we'll discover them missing before too long.) Then his room was---well, not empty but at least shaken down to the remants of a little boy's journey growing up. And I can't imagine ever taking down that spaceman wallpaper.

So here we are.

The first thing to do is obvious. It is time for a road trip! No schedules, no responsibilities, no one to think about but the two of us and our freedom from tuition bills, noise, piles of laundry, disappearing groceries....

"So where should we go?"
"Let's visit the kids."

Like I said, we are very good at denial.


  1. Jeanette,

    I related to every word! Josh 'passing through' this week and off with Jes to check out wedding venues in Houston over Labor Day Weekend. Harvard Business begins in three weeks. Kaitlin moving into her apt for senior year. She's picking arguements whenever possible to make the sepation easier, just like when our 'former' two year olds were trying for the same end result. This transition stuff is not easy, but it is all we hoped for them and more, so that is the great reward. We just have to remember that from time to time. Hugs,

  2. Isn't it some law of physics that the closer one is to an object the harder one has to push to get away from it? Maybe I made that up. But relationships can be that way,too--especially the parent/child one, and especially during the necessary times of transition when they are defining their own lives...and we are re-defining ours, once again.

    What exciting new adventures ahead of Josh and Jess (wedding! B-School!) and Kaitlin (senior year at Duke!) How blessed I feel to watch their journeys through you. You are an amazing set of parents, Meg and Jose. Hugs back!

  3. I am so jealous that you can write your feelings so eloquently...I'm jealous of people who can blog.

    Remember when the kids were little and you and your honey would splurge on a babysitter, go out for dinner, stare at each other across the table and the main subject of conversation was the kids....things don't change much, do they?

  4. Denise, you describe it perfectly! Something tells me you've got a blogger inside, too....

  5. ah, and then there's the big guy, 25 now, who is back home due to the economy and trying every day to find a journalism job so he can leave again - and arguing and criticizing and being in a bad mood alot - as if i am the cause of him living at home again...and not finishing his master's thesis quite yet. yet, yesterday he was very nice to me all day for my birthday! and we love having him home.

  6. Yep,one thing I know about the empty nest is that it's not empty for long stretches...and it's an adjustment for everyone when occupancy increases and/or decreases. Good luck to the big's a difficult market out there. Our big guy is still trying to find a job, too. I'm sure Matt has done this already, but Cal's career services probably has some great leads in his field...he's lucky to have Cal's resources as an alumnus. He's finishing the masters from LSE?